If you are looking for a unique way to forever preserve the first steps that your child took, then you should try making bronze shoes. These shoes are not really made from bronze, they are the actual baby shoes that your children wore when they took their first wobbly steps. The only difference now is that they are coated with multiple layers of bronze using the process of electroplating.

There are three ways that you can have your children’s shoes bronzed; either you do it yourself using basic craft materials, buy your own bronzing machine, or you can send it to a professional bronzing company and have them do it for you. But which of these methods is the best?


Do-It-Yourself Bronze Shoes

You can make your own bronze baby shoes using basic materials that you can all find in any arts and crafts supplies; this is the first method I considered using, because I thought I could save a lot of money by doing it myself. I did not this technique immediately on the actual baby shoes that my kid used, instead I used another old baby shoe, just to see what it would look like, and it did not turn out the way I hoped. The shoe looked like it was painted using cheap bronze paint, instead of looking like it was actually set in bronze.


Using A Bronzing Machine

The method of bronzing baby shoes using my own electroplating machine seems too impractical for me to even consider using it. For one thing, I do not want to spend more than a thousand dollars for a piece of equipment that I will only be using once. And the other reason I did not even consider using a bronze plating machine is because the process of bronzing shoes is too complicated for me to understand.


Professional Services

Bronze ShoesSince the first two methods of bronzing shoes were total failures, the only option that I have left is to use a professional service. I tried to avoid professional bronzing companies because I thought that they would be charging me a ridiculous amount of money just to get my kid’s baby shoes bronzed. But to my surprise, they actually charged a reasonable amount of money for their services. And the best part of it is that they also mounted the shoes in a picture frame so that I could place a baby picture of my kid right beside the baby shoes; this cute memento now sits proudly on a shelf in our living room.


Bronze Shoes Are The Perfect Keepsakes

Bronze ShoesOf the three methods of making bronzed shoes, the most practical way by far, is to avail of the services of a professional bronzing company. You can find lots of these bronzing companies on the internet, and most of them even allow online transactions. A couple of weeks after you send the baby shoes you want bronzed to the company, you will get the best memento that will remind you of your child’s first wobbly steps — cute little bronze shoes.

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