Bronze shoes are great ways to preserve precious memories; they will not deteriorate, and unlike pictures and videos, you actually have something from that particular time that you can hold in your hands. I actually have my children’s baby shoes bronzed and mounted, they not only help me remember the great times we had, they are also cute conversation pieces for when we have guests come and visit our house. If you want to get the same kind of memento of your own children, then this article may be of some help.


What Are Bronze Shoes?

Despite the name, they are not really shoes that are made entirely of bronze. They are just regular shoes that are specially treated so that they can get electroplated with bronze. They are still the same shoes inside, but with a beautiful, yet very durable metal outer coating. Once the baby shoes are bronzed, they can get mounted in any way you like; the ones I have at home are mounted in simple wooden bases with a small picture frame with my kids still wearing the same shoes that were bronzed. If you are interested in getting special shoes bronzed, then you need to find a company that specializes in the process.


Where To Find Services That Bronze Shoes?

If you are lucky, then there may be a metal plating shop in your area that will actually take you up in your offer of bronze plating your baby shoes, but this is generally not advised. Unless the company specializes in bronzing really fragile, and combustible, things like baby shoes, there is a chance that they will ruin or even destroy your precious baby shoes. To prevent that from happening, you should find a company whose specialty is metal plating baby shoes and other unusual things.


Going Online For Shoe Bronzing Professionals

Bronze ShoesI actually found the companies that I need to bronze-plate my children’s baby shoes online; they even have a website where I placed my order and paid for bronzing the baby shoes. It was actually pretty convenient to use the website, they have an order sheet that you can fill up online, and they accept payments from Paypal or credit card. Once I finished the transaction, they asked me to send in the baby shoes to their manufacturing plant, along with a copy of my proof of payment.

I waited for 4 to 6 weeks, and then a package got delivered on our doorstep that contained the beautifully-bronzed baby shoes of my kids. They were very beautiful, they really looked and felt like the shoe was cast in bronze from the very beginning.


In Closing…

Bronze ShoesThough there are lots of different ways on how to preserve a special memory, like taking photographs or videos, it is even better to actually have an object from that special time frozen in time. Bronze shoes are one of the most popular ways that can remind us of the bygone days, back to the happier times.

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