Bronze shoes are the perfect keepsake that will constantly remind you of the day your kids took their first steps. I remember when my daughter started walking, of course we had a video of her taking those first wobbly steps, but we don’t get to watch it that often, so I had to find another way to commemorate it. I got the idea of bronzing shoes when me and my spouse went to our friends’ house for dinner, and I saw a very lovely looking figurine, which I thought was metal replicas of baby shoes, as it turns out they were real baby shoes plated with bronze; I knew right then that I had to have one for my own.


What Are Bronze Shoes?

I did some research on bronzing shoes, and by that I meant I searched for it on the internet. I found out that encasing shoes in bronze is not new, people have been doing it for years. In fact, even Michael Jordan had a couple of his basketball shoes bronzed to commemorate one of his most successful seasons; and if it’s good enough for Mr. Jordan, then it’s good enough for me as well. So I did a search on how to get my baby’s shoes bronzed and I got a couple of interesting results.


Making Your Own Bronze Shoes

While searching the web for metal plating companies that bronze baby shoes, I found a couple of websites that teach you how to do it yourself. The materials are fairly easy to get, I actually got them all, including the bronze powder, in an arts and crafts store. I obviously do not want to experiment on my daughter’s actual baby shoes, so I tried them on other stuff first. The entire thing was rather easy, but I was disappointed to see that the results did not look as nice as the ones I saw on my friends’ mantelpiece.


Bronzing Services Online

Bronze ShoesAfter my failed attempt at bronzing, I went back online and searched for professional companies that can do an even better job that I ever could hope to do. There are actually quite a lot of metal plating companies that also specialize in bronzing baby shoes, but I chose one company that exclusively does bronze baby shoes, simply because their work was more intricate and detailed than those who do them on the side.

It was actually very easy doing my transaction with the bronzing company as everything was done online; I filled out the form in their website, paid them using Paypal, and then printed out a couple of copies of my receipt. I then sent my daughter’s baby shoes to the company via regular mail to get processed. And in a couple of weeks I had my own bronze baby shoes to keep as a memento.


In Closing…

Bronze ShoesPictures and videos of your child’s first steps are all great mementos, but pictures fade and videos deteriorate. If you want something more permanent to remind you of the day when your little bundle of joy took his/her first steps into your life then you need bronze shoes.

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