Bronze shoes, they are the perfect keepsakes that will remind you of when your baby first walked into your life, I should know, I have the first baby shoes of all my kids preserved in everlasting bronze. Sure there are a lot of other great mementos that you can use to remind you of the day when your kids took their first steps, but having the shoes that they actually walked in are even better. I first got the idea of bronzing baby shoes when I saw a couple of them in my friends’ house, I instantly fell in love with them.


What Are Bronze Shoes Exactly?

Contrary to what they are called, these shoes are not really a copy of your baby’s shoes cast in bronze; they are still the same shoes that your child once wore, only now it is plated with several layers of bronze. The process of plating soft materials like baby shoes is very complicated; if not done correctly it could actually ruin them. Which is why I did not just leave my precious mementos to amateurs, I did some research and found professionals who actually specialize in bronze plating different objects.


Where Can You Find Services That Make Bronze Shoes?

I first checked around our local stores for metal plating services and then I asked each one of them if they can bronze items like baby shoes. As I expected, most of them said that they did not provide that kind of service, and the remainder said that they would try doing it for me, but that is a risk that I would not like to take. So I tried searching other avenues for services that can help me, and I found them online.


Online Bronzing Services

Bronze ShoesI was actually surprised to find online companies that provide bronze plating services for objects like shoes. There were actually a lot of them operating right now, finding the one that fits my needs, and my budget, was not that easy but I managed to locate one that is affordable yet makes great quality products. So I filled up their online order form and paid for their services right there on their website, then I followed their instructions and sent the baby shoes over to their manufacturing facility to get bronze plated. After 4 weeks or so, I received a package at my doorstep containing a very cute pair of baby booties beautifully encased in bronze.


In Closing…

Bronze ShoesEveryone wants to preserve the special memories that they have of their children; even I do not want my children to ever grow up, but I cannot possibly stop them from doing so. The next best thing that I can think of to keep on reminding me of the days when they can still fit in my arms, is to have their first baby shoes preserved in bronze. If you are thinking of doing the same for your children’s shoes, then you should get in touch with one of the many companies that specialize in making bronze shoes.

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