If you are looking for a great way to preserve special memories, you should try making bronze shoes. I adore my children, and I really wish that they would not grow up so fast, but I know that’s impossible. Which is why I thought of an idea that will at least give me a lasting memento of when they were still babies, and that is by bronzing their baby shoes.


What Are Bronze Shoes?

Technically, bronzed shoes are not made of bronze; they are just normal shoes that are electroplated to look like they were cast in bronze. Bronzing shoes is not something new, it has already been done for many years now, and a lot of people are already hooked into the idea of bronzing shoes. The reason it became so popular is because it’s like you are putting something from your past into suspended animation.


What Occasions Warrant The Giving Of Bronze Shoes?

There are many different occasions where bronze shoes are perfect gifts. The most popular is giving them as a gift for a child’s first birthday. These shoes are not really gifts for the baby itself, but for the parents of the child. This is also what I did to my kids’ old baby shoes. I had them bronzed and then mounted, so now me and my spouse have something to remind us of our little babies.

Other occasions that would certainly warrant the giving of bronzed shoes are sweet sixteens, weddings, and anniversaries. Basically, any major occasion would be a great time for giving bronzed shoes as a gift, because the celebrants will have something special that will remind them of the great times that they had.


Where Can You Get Shoes Bronzed?

Bronze ShoesIt can be tricky locating a service in your area that will actually bronze your shoes. Though some electroplating services do accept shoes for bronzing, but there are only a few of them, and not all of them really specialize in the process of bronzing objects. So instead of driving all over town and asking plating services if they accept shoes, you can just go online and look for companies that specialize in shoe bronzing. You can find a couple of companies this way, you just need to pick out the service that you want, and then place an order to have shoes bronzed.

When I used this kind of service, I just filled up the form in the company’s website, paid for my order, and then ran out to buy a large enough package envelope for the baby shoes I wanted bronzed. I then sent the shoes to the company, and in a couple of weeks they sent back the shoes; now beautifully bronzed and mounted in a nice display base.


In Closing…

Bronze ShoesSure pictures and videos are great mementos, but something that you can actually hold in your hands to remind you of the past is even better. So get bronze shoes you can keep as reminders of the good old days.

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